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A day at the seaside

Have to admit I'm not the biggest fan of beachy holiday. I find it extreamly boring sitting on a beach for a week or longer. I'm much more of a person who likes a holiday where I actually do stuff like ski or go on rollercoasters. You know?

But I have to admit a day at the good old British sea side was actually quite, well good.

However a 2 and a half hour drive was not as good. The day was a great one though I was with good people, on a good beach with good heat and good waves.

Well sometimes other times they were too low for my expectations. Anyways it was a day where I turned off and enjoyed myself with no worries of a declining grade or how the sea could easily kill me, well I have to admit there was a bit of that.

Any thom there was also a air show with 4 planes and there was a great atmosphere to it all. Plus as we weren't on the main beach it wasn't too crowded.

And then at the end of it all I went on a TRAVELLING theme park ride which I thought I would never get on, long story but basically I'm scared they're gonna fall apart.

Look my message for this blog is to just do things that you would never usually do. I'm so happy that I went and it was such an amazing day.


Caiykin x

Ps I'm almost back at school and admittedly dreading it. So I know I just need to write as it is the only thing keeping me level at the minute.

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