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An Everyday Makeup Look

So I've never actually done a blog like this but I finally found a model willing to allow me to stab her face with makeup brushes so naturally I grabbed her Canon EOS 1300D and took some photos while I did it. I did this look in about 45 minutes but in between that I had to get photos so I'd say this is probably a half an hour makeup look so shall we get started?

First up I used the Garnier body hydrating lotion just to moisturise her face now I know this is for the body I am a bit confused as well but hey I'll let her do her skincare the way she wants to do it because she has amazing skin as you will see. Trust me NO SPOTS. At all.

Next up I began by mixing her Maybelline dream velvet foundation in 04 natural ivory with the No7 skin illuminator just to make her skin look nice and healthy. Now this can be used as a primer, with foundation or on the cheekbones but personally I find that it doesn't give any oomph to the cheekbones so I mix it with the foundation.
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