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My hair care routine

Hey Guys!

So I realise I've been so inactive for the past 5 or so weeks and I have to apologise my revision schedule is gradually increasing and so I had to give some space to this blog. But if you want me to do anything to do with revision and how I do it to make sure it is good for me then I will.

Anyways I realised I've never really commented about my haircare routine so here it is. Also another note I am not sponsored by Paul Mitchell, I wish! But I have been using their haircare since I was born and so I've always loved it and I've been able to pick out my favourites and here they are!

So first up is shampoo and I alternate between Paul Mitchell's Shampoo one and Shampoo two this is as shampoo two removes all the "grease" and it is a deep cleansing shampoo with a gorgeous lemony smell but it removes everything out of our hair if that makes sense so my hair has no oomph. And so I switch it up with the shampoo one. Shampoo one is a basic shampoo that works really well the only thing I do notice is that is doesn't make my hair look, feel or last as long as shampoo two does.

Next up is my conditioner I use their conditioner detangler due to how knotted my hair gets and this definitely gives my hair a really nice glossy finish which makes it look really healthy. 

Finally is this 'Styling liquid' I feel that it gives my hair real depth and when I put this on I have people comment about how healthy my hair looks so it really must work! Anyway I put this on after I've had my hair up in a hair towel for about 5 minutes so it is damp then I work 2 pumps into my hair. 

Then I blow dry my hair and it is done for another two days! I hope you guys really enjoyed this blog and tell me below what are your go to hair care products.


Caiykin x

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