Should I start a YouTube channel?

The castle in the sky

I've always struggled to get out any real feelings to anyone and so cryings been my way of letting them out. Then you get hit with losing a pet to a castle in the sky , which is how I'm referning this so it doesn't seen so bad. He was ill a few months ago and at one point I honestly thought he was going to die and I was going to lose him. So I guess these past few months were just overtime. The last thing I said to his brother was "i'll look after Theo for you until you see him again". Now they can popcorn in vast clouds together eating as much grass as they want.
It's odd it just a feeling of nothingness, I can't concentrate it just goes back to him. The only thing that I am fortunate about is that I didn't see a rapid deline like I did with Oscar I just saw him happy. In fact he seemed well. I thought that maybe he could've seen another summer. But he didn't. I know that  he's only a guinea pig and I know that I shouldn't have this much emotion but he was my first pet they were my first true love and they were always there for me. to listen to me. and not answer back. For that i'll miss them so very much.

RIP my little baby Fifi

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