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An Everyday Makeup Look

So I've never actually done a blog like this but I finally found a model willing to allow me to stab her face with makeup brushes so naturally I grabbed her Canon EOS 1300D and took some photos while I did it. I did this look in about 45 minutes but in between that I had to get photos so I'd say this is probably a half an hour makeup look so shall we get started?

First up I used the Garnier body hydrating lotion just to moisturise her face now I know this is for the body I am a bit confused as well but hey I'll let her do her skincare the way she wants to do it because she has amazing skin as you will see. Trust me NO SPOTS. At all.
My Model For Today!

Next up I began by mixing her Maybelline dream velvet foundation in 04 natural ivory with the No7 skin illuminator just to make her skin look nice and healthy. Now this can be used as a primer, with foundation or on the cheekbones but personally I find that it doesn't give any oomph to the cheekbones so I mix it with the foundation.

To blend this concoction is use my B. Blending sponge from Superdrug. Please note this photo was taken after I had done the makeup hence the reason why the blender is sooo dirty!

Next up in the base foundation I used the Maybelline eraser eye concealer in nude for under the eyes and the Maybelline fit me concealer for any areas of redness that the foundation didn't cover, on the sides of the nose and the chin and forehead for a touch of highlight. Then once again I used my blending sponge and my real techniques buffing brush to get into the hard under the eye area which my beauty blender can't get into.

Finally I gently sweep a touch of this collection pressed powder in translucent using my makeup revolution powder brush just to set all of the concealer and stop it from creasing.

And that is the base done so this is how she looks with the base finished

So in all honesty nothing special yet, trust me I know that. So next up is the eyes area so first up I gave her eyebrows a touch of colour using the MUA pro brow in fair-mid and I first used the top right colour, just brushing it through her eyebrows getting a little shape into them and then I used the clear wax and once again brushed it through setting the brows in place.

Next up is eyelids so I used a Clinique eyeshadow duo (they changed the packaging) and the Colour Surge Eye Shadow Trio (which is now discontinued, I cry) and anyways first I placed the first colour on the left all over her eyelids then I used the second colour on the left just on the crease of her eyes then finally I placed the third colour on the left on her lids, this colour is absolutely amazing its just so pretty. Now to blend the two colours more and make it look less harsh I used the bottom colour in the right palette in-between the crease and lid on the side of each eye.

Next up I used the soap and glory thick and fast mascara on her eyelashes.

And that is the eyes finished!

Next up is to do the extra bits on the face area so I started by using the sleek face contour kit in medium and I contoured her forehead, jawbone, nose and cheeks. Then I blended this so there was no harsh lines.

Next to add that rosy blush I used the sleek blush by 3 in lace I used a mixure of the middle colour and a touch of colour on the right to create a little rosy glow!

Finally I used my absolute FAVORITE highlighter ever! The sleek solstice highlighter palette and  placed this on her cheekbones and under the eyebrows as well as the cupids bow and nose.

I used the "hemisphere" colour (I think), I used the plain white colour to give a really glowy glow.

And this is the (almost) finished look now all we have to do is add a lip colour.

I did tell you the highlight is incredible!

And finally for the lips I used the sleek matte me in shabby chic. I really love this liquid lipstick however I haven't tried any other brands yet, I'll get back to you on a blog with this one. Anyways once I played this on the lips we are done!!!!

So here is the final look...

I hope you enjoyed this little blog and check out my model's photography blog

Thank you for reading this
Caiykin x
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