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It's funny. The way the world is viewed in your eyes and someone else's eyes is completely different. Furthermore your view of the world, or a person, or a company, or and animal can change within a split second. The point I'm trying to make is that anything and everything can change. And a lot of the time it won't give warning and it will happen very quickly. Sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. But change happens to everyone at somepoint in their lives. No one has had nothing change during their existence.

The fact that if something is happening to me then I must know it is happening to someone else reassures me a lot. It makes me feel protected and safe. Because I know that any change that happens to me must have happened to someone else.

And now you expect me to tell you a life change that is happening to me right now. Well in all honesty their isn't one. Except for me getting older and maturing. So I am sorry for that being my only point to this.

Look the thing or fact or point or whatever you're going through right now has been experienced by someone else and hopefully if it's really affecting you you can get help in the best way that will help you because everyone goes through changes in life. No matter how hard you try to keep you're life constantly the same you can't,because the clock keeps ticking, the days keep rolling on no matter how hard you don't want that Monday or Thursday to come. It will. And so I say to you accept it , try to be an optimist instead of a pessimist and embrace change instead of fearing it.

My short baby blog is over, I wrote this a few months ago and found it today and just finished it off and I have to say I love it because I'm someone who is a pessimist and most of the time hates change so I guess I have to live by what this blog says now.


Caiykin x

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