Should I start a YouTube channel?

My top 5 favourite Youtube channels

So quick little unrelated note: I am FINALLY back to doing weekly blogs which I am so excited about. So they will still be done on Sundays posted at 6pm GST but it will be every Sunday so that's good news, at least I hope...

Anyways, shall we actually begin the actual blog?

So this is my top 5 favourite YouTube channel because if you're like me then you will always be looking out for a new YouTube channel to love so lets begin at 1:
    1.Vet Ranch                        
    This is definitely a channel for any budding vets out there, I love this channel as it shows all surgeries and most importantly their whole transformation. Also a lot of the animals they rescue are facing euthanasia and so it makes their cause a whole lot more worth it.

    2.Game Theorists/ Film Theorists   Theorists
    Okay so even if you watch one of his theories your mind is blown, trust me I watched one and then I was hooked. They are honestly so incredible. I think its also good to note how impeccably well edited his stuff is. I have total respect for his editors.

    3.Philip Green                   
    I vaguely remember him from his Britains got talent days and I loved him then so when I found out he had YouTube I was so happy. He offers such a great mix of entertainment so I feel he really should have more subscribers.

    4.ASAP Science                 
    Thanks to them I can now recite meiosis and mitosis forwards and backwards! Honestly watch the video

    She's so many peoples idols and yet she hasn't changed. That's what I love about her!

    Thank You so much for reading and i'll see you next week!


    Caiykin x

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