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Back to Normality

And we are all back at school/work after a well deserved break which will always including jetting off to here, there and everywhere. We're back to normality slugging around savouring the last few days of sun before our go to look is woolly jumpers.
As well as putting away the picnic mats and getting out the blankets. Bye bye air con hello Heating. Already thinking about next years sun and the places we will be. Questioning how we did this all last year and wondering how we will do it again, the polite "How was your holiday?" is a key as well as the "Oh I can't believe we didn't meet up" even though you probably both can. Replaying your beach snap as if they were from 20 years ago trying to work out how its already September even though last time you looked at the date it was July. This is just a snapshot from our joys of back to normality.

Well welcome back everybody. When I was younger every year at the end of our holidays my mother always used to say back to normality and back to clock watching and I suppose that has always stuck with me ever since then. A lot of the stuff I just wrote about is really quite true I'm looking at the minute at holidays and I have to say I really wish I was back in the sun although apparently we're gonna have a hot day on Tuesday but if I'm honest I'm not holding my hopes up.

However as we roll into this "new Year" these blogs I want to be written however they may be late. as I journey into the next area in my life. this area includes well more area that I will have to work on and I am sorry if these blogs do go up late but they might. Anyways I hope your back to normality goes smoothly and it goodbye from me.


Caiykin x

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