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Monday Beauty Loves For October

This is my Monday beauty loves for the month so lets get started-
The Boots spot wand and Blemish stick are amazing at minimising your breakouts and just random spots as they make the spots less red and smaller than what they usually are. The spot wand is a twice a day liquid applicator, the day end is clear and the night end is a very light greeny colour. Whereas the blemish stick is just a blue stick which is a lot better at covering break-outs. However don't use the blemish stick before you apply makeup as the powder gets stuck to the area creating a un-even coverage.
Not sure whether this should be in a beauty loves blog but oh well. I've been loving the impulse very pink roses and grapefruit impulse this month and have been using it where ever I go with one of my Hollister body sprays (i'll get to them in a bit) and I love that they have a travel pack size to! I think that it is a really nice sweet smell and I use it all the time.
I absolutely love these lip switches by MUA and they are now half price at superdrug! Anyways you get a lip stick and a lip gloss of the same colour (the coral pink colour is my fave) and you can either use them at the same time or can use them separately. I find that the lip gloss looks really good by itself for a natural look. But it is a really good all round buy for a extra lipstick. Also at this time could be a good present.
My final like of the month is the Hollister Body Mists my favourite one is silver strand beach however I also have one from the old collection called Laguna Beach all of the Hollister sprays have a very strong smell but it is really nice. I think that they are quite floral and go really nice with a less strong body spray such as a impulse or a So...?

Hope you enjoyed my blog and so until next time bye!

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