Should I start a YouTube channel?

I really hate sundays, more than mondays.

Its the Sunday before we're back to school until the end of December (well for me anyway). In all honesty I really don't like school even though apparently i'm really good at it I just don't like it plus even when your not at school your still in it as you have to do homework. Sometimes I really just wish that I could be homeschooled and not have to worry 5 days of the week about the school.

I don't go to a bad school its a good school where they teach me well I just guess I don't like being at any school and anytime I do bring up school with my parents they just guess its about friends and tell me that moving to another school would be harder. I really wish that they would sometimes just see life from my view. and I really don't like having a gazillion teachers meaning that in some lessons I put my hand up and others I don't

I guess its funny how in junior school I wished I was in secondary school but now I always wish I was back there. I wonder whether that's what the saying don't wish your life away kind of meant. I have a really big feeling that 50% of people in every school worry the same like I do about friends to OMG did I do this homework right? am I gonna get a detention? how disappointed will my parents be if I do get a detention? I failed my work my parents aren't going to love me anymore. Cos honestly this is how i'm feeling at the minute.

I tried not caring and just doing my best. but that made me care (and cry) more when I struggled and only got half the test right.

Anyway if anyone is reading this (because I'm sorta doing this as a secret journal) please tell me how you feel about life i'd love to hear it


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