Should I start a YouTube channel?


Technically this blog post should've gone up on Friday as I mentioned in my Tuesday Love      
But I didn't really know how to word it until today so here goes nothing-

Self-Confidence what do you assert the words with I guess its different for different people but in the dictionary the definition is:

1.realistic confidence in one's own judgment, ability, power, etc.
2. excessive or inflated confidence in one's own judgment, ability, etc.
I know this will probably sound weird but I've recently found an interest in lip sticks (see where my Tuesday love comes into this ;-) ) anyway I guess when i'm wearing lipstick I feel self-empowered now this doesn't mean I go around when im wearing lipstick and say "i'm better than you to everyone" but I do wondered why.
Why does me wearing makeup make me more self-confident?
It was a strange thinking but I really wanted to find out why so I did a lot of thinking and I think I've found out the reason.
And I don't like it...
I think its because i'm hiding behind someone else, a more confident version of myself but in some ways I donno I guess it makes me feel good that I'm more confident.
So self-confidence I think everyone has there ups and downs and so I wanna know what you think is self confidence something you just get and never lose or is it something that you lose and then gain again and then you lose it (and so one) please tell me what you think.

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