Should I start a YouTube channel?

Wishing Wells

You know when you just wish your life was amazing. I mean come on we've all done it once in our lifetime dreaming about what it would be like to have a life like there's (usually with all the spotlight on them) .Well for me I think the person who ahs the most incredible life would be Zoella AKA Zoe Sugg (but Kylie Jenner would be a close second KUWTK!!!!) Anyways I'm getting away from the point of this blog she gets so much sent to her in her PO box from all these amazing consumers and I think everyone would love the life of a vlogger
especially her.

She's so beautiful and amazing and I think anyon would wish to be like that plus with her Christmas range now out I guess I'm wishing on a wishing well to have a life like hers. This is a weird video but if you came across a wishing well that could only change your life into one person who would it be I'd really like to know.

P.S: I would also really love to write a book


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