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Review of Benefits Benetint and Poisetint. Is it worth the money?

This week I am going to be reviewing 2 of benefits lip ranges which is 4 products. Let's get started with Benebalm and poisebalm.
Benebalm and Poisebalm- £14.50 at Boots

Benebalm comes in a shiny packaging that is really cute. The balm feels really nice on your lips and it makes them smooth after mine where chapped. In my opinion I think the balm is quite pigmented and can give you a good coverage that feels nice but my like lipstick without using the tinys but in my opinion it's better to use the tints over the top as they look better and stay on longer.

Benetint and Poisetint £24.50 at Boots (I think these may be the smaller minis though but I could be wrong as I got them in a set!)

I really love these tints for numerous reasons: they don't feel heavy on your lips, they are extra hard wearing and don't come off easily and you can put a lipgloss over them. I usually use the balm of the correct tint on first and then add the tint but once it drys I usually add and other layer so the colour is really big. However u don't think that these girls be as much colour as the balms do eventhough they look more pigmented. However these tints can also be used for your cheeks and I think they work well. One word of advise is that they dry quickly so use your fingers and create the blush affect quickly!

In conclusion I think these benefit lip products are well worth there money and I will never stop repurching them iwhen they run out so make sure to look out for them in boots, John Lewis, house of Fraser and Debenhams!

So what did you think of my first review tell me down below and what you'd like me to do next.


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