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Every single lip product i own

 So this is every single lip product I own shall we begin?

This is a set I got from Christmas. It's 3 studio lipglosses that are really pigmented and nice on the lips my fave is  definitely the purple berry one as I really love the colour!

I'm going to do all these together as I did these In a seperate review you can find here
These are my benefit lip things that I own but I'm thinking about getting another one as I love them so much!

These are two of MUAs lip liners in pink me up and caramel nougat like a lot of stuff from MUA they are really good for the price but I struggle to find a colour the same as these as a lip stick.

These are another 5 mini lip glosses I got in a set for my birthday I absolutely love these as I can put them in all my different bags and they don't leak plus the colour on them is incredible my favourites are the red on and the 2nd to last.

On the other hand I hate this lipgloss as it is really sticky on your lips and if you get your hair anywhere near it it will make your hair sticky,it is the total opposite to my other lipglosses from no7, shall we move on?

Next up is my baby lips in pink punch I used to also have cherry me but after it ended up in the pocket of my demin jacket and after it came out looking like I had been bleeding so that had to be thrown in the bin. I bought these due to all the hype about them but I don't see what all the fuss is about personally I don't think they're that great.

Next up is the collection work the colour 
Matt lip butter in Crimson velvet I'd always wanted a lip butter and a red lipstick so this seemed perfect and I really do love this product as it is really pigmented so you don't need to keep going over it so overall this is great if your looking for a red lipstick 

Next up is the collection lasting colour no15 taffeta bloom this is a really nice natural looking lipstick that I like
to put on when I don't want anything major on my lips.

Next is the makeup revolution lipstick on enchant I really love the colour of this lipstick as I think it is kind of purpuley but also a bit pinky but I wear it more in the summer

Next is these two lip products which I received in a lot along with a nail varnish of the same colour eventhough they are a bit bright I absolutely LOVE the packaging for the lipstick I think that a packaging can defiantly change your view on a lipstick.

My last lipstick is a MUA one in shade 3 for £1 I absolutely love these lipsticks as they are really creamy for the price and this one comes out as a redy cross with a pinky colour so even if you don't know if you'll like the colour the MUA lip sticks are a great way to truly out new colours.

This is the body shop lip butter in pink grapefruit I absolutely love this lip butter as it smells so good and it feels really nice on my lips

The other lip care product I use is Vaseline I like this as it really helps my lips  from being chapped but it feels really greasy on my lips compared to my body shop lip butter so I usually use this when I go to sleep.

I hope you enjoyed this blog until Monday 


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