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Review- Mask of Magnaminty Lush

Review of Mask Of Magnaminty from Lush

Mask of Mag (as I am now going to call it because it is a really long name) is one of lush's face masks however is not one of its fresh masks. If you don't know what the fresh masks are they're basically masks that have to be used in 3 weeks and kept in a fridge whereas these ones have to be used in three months.

Mask of Mag is a really (you guessed it) minty face mask that can also be applied to the back, which is really good for me considering I have bad acne on my back. And this reduces the redness and the amount of spots I get. As long as you apply this regularly. I apply this once a week while I'm in the bath. As it is minty when you put this on it does kinda burn a bit but it does stop and I think that is normal?

In conclusion this is a really good face and body mask and if you follow all the instructions. And don't mind your face being green for 10 mins! Then this is a good face mask for you it really does help in getting rid of spots. And when I went in there first they talk to you about all the different face masks so they're really helpful then they gave me a sample of this face mask so I could really see whether it was the right one for me. So if you want a change in your face routine( I can't find a good way to put this) then this could be a great product for you.

Lush mask of Magnaminty 
125g - £5.75 
315g - £9.95 
4.4 oz - $13.95
11.1 oz - $25.95

Hey guys I hope you enjoyed this blog and loved it as much as I love making these kinda blogs so until Thursday bye!


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