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Bath routine!

Welcome to my bath routine!

So first up I will put all the products below that I have used in the blog, now enjoy..

So in the baths that I am taking at the minute I use most of this stuff except I change my bath bombs but for this bath I used avobath. In my bath (from left to right) I used lush's angels on bare skin as my face cleanser, lush's bubble gum lip scrub as my lip exfoliant, rub rub rub as my body scrub, avobath as my bath bomb, grease lightning which is lush's spot treatment, body shop's body butter in strawberry and finally body shop's hand cream and lip butter in pink grapefruit
So as I run the bath I put on my lip scrub so when I get out and dead skin on my lips is gone, and trust me while I'm writing this my lips are soooooo nice. Anyways then once I am happy with the amount in the bath I put in my bath bomb. I didn't use all of the bath bomb as if you've seen avobath in real life, it is huge. Probably one of the biggest actually. So yeah after I've taken out the bath bomb next up I put my face cleanser on and I leave it on for about 2 mins just as I get in the bath and then I take it off.

Once I've done that next up I use rub rub rub on my legs and arms and once again like my lip scrub this get rid of dead skin from your body and overall makes you feel a lot nicer.

Then once I've finished all that I just lay in the bath listening to capital fm from my phone from the other side of the bathroom. I usually stay in the bath for 45-60 mins but I don't keep track as I think a bath is a time for relaxation and for all your worries to go away.

Anyway once I finally get out of the bath I use my products for after the bath first up I lightly dry myself and apply my body butter to my legs and arms just so they feel really nice. Then I use my lip butter once again so that my lips are really soft.

Finally I use my spot treatment directly to any spots and anywhere where I think a spot is coming up and then I apply my handcream for soft ,nice hands.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and come back next Sunday for another blog 


Caiykin x

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