Should I start a YouTube channel?

An obsession with pokemon going to trends.

I was away when this was brought out. Eagerly the day I got back, the day after it was released in my country, I downloaded it for a review for people who read my blog or saw it after searching up about it online.
And now I am addicted.

I find it is like marmite this game, which now writing it sounds like the weirdest thing in the world but people either love it or hate it. And then there are those who just play it as it is the in thing and a year ago would've made fun of anyone who played Pokémon. For the rest of my life I will dislike these people who I feel are maybe too scared to be who they want to be and so the just go with the popularity.
Funniest thing is that I know, and fear, that I maybe turning into one of these people who just follow trends so they can stay on good grounds with there friends and the popularity meter in there head.

Now I've never been popular, does a term being someone who follows round the popular kid as a 'friend' count? So I don't know what these people want out of you, your real self or the one that doesn't make them look embarrassing and my guess is that it changes with every person out there popular or not.

This is my favourite quote about trends and as I will be in the next 3-6 months getting my bedroom redone I really want a wall filled with my favourite quotes. This is m favorite one about trends by Naomie Harris:

You don't need to follow trends to be stylish.

If anyone who is reading this takes something away from this it should be to know that you are you and even if you aren't the most popular once you get into the real world full of jobs and mortgages being popular won't get you anywhere . Just think about that if your 'friends' ever make you do something you don't want to. You'll only be at school once then after that you probably will never meet these people again.


Caiykin x

ps... July Favourites and I will try and get in a ultimate summer look next week!

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