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Book club- July

If you are reading this then this blog must've gone up at the correct time as I am away right now(woooo).

Ok away from that weird introduction...

Welcome to my book club for July so anyways as I mentioned last week I bought this book and read it in less than 2 days. One of my favourite types of books are biographies as I love reading about other peoples lives and what experiences they had and how they learnt from it. I now think that anyone reading it will think I a 40 year old educating my kids. I am not. Shall we get back to the book club?

Anyways I absolutely love this book and the way that it is cleverly written with Emily writing it like a traditional biography is written and then Caspar adding to it. Its clever and unusual well representing to the way YouTube is seen to a lot of people.

Right so that's my book club for this month.


Caiykin x

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