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June Favorites.

So I've just worked out this blog should've been out last week but oh well.

Welcome to a June favourites blog, admittedly this is going to be a mismatch of a lot of stuff but oh well.

  1. PRETTY LITTLE LIARS- where has this been all my life????? I'm on s3 and I NEED to catch up by midseason break. But, yeah, trust me if you don't watch this you need to. Its got everything a good show needs.
  2. Benefit hello flawless oxygen wow foundation.- the foundation gives you a really nice glowy skin effect and it covers up things really well but it has a very light coverage so I always need to pair this with a concealer to cover up the huge red spots. But it helps any dark tones in your under eyes really well.
  3. Benefit goof proof brow pencil- I got this in the elle magazine in shade 2. technically I have a feeling I should have shade 3 but I think this shade does still do well. I love how easy it is to use this pencil.
  4. apple and pineapple squash- ok so I know this a little weird but hey it is a favourites. I really don't like orange squash but I really like this I think its as its a bit sweeter and like all squashes it really easy to drink!
  5. Caspar lee book- this book Is going to be in my book list for july (check it out next week 6pm GMT ;-). but anyways I don't want to give it away but I read it in 2 days as I found it was just such an easy read and its interesting learning about his childhood

Caiykin x

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