Should I start a YouTube channel?

... Part 3

As I write this I am on my holidays but once I return to school I will be beginning exams that will decide my future. Now that's a scary thought. At the moment I know I need to take them as just another exam but I worry the importance of these exams will destroy me. For the next 1 and 3/4 years I hope this blog will continue but if I do stop making them for a while I hope you guys reading this know that there is a good reason for that. While I worry about the future and things that I don't know I have to hope that it goes alright I know as long as I get 9,8,7 or 6 I shall be fine.

Then it's onto A levels, then uni, then a job.

It all seems so far away at the moment but I know this is only 12 years away. Imagine if I am still writing this blog at that time???. If I am still writing this blog at that time. Wow. I must have some good will power that's all I'm saying. In someways I'm excited for the next years of my life these are the years I will push myself and make sure I excel but in other ways I'm nervous. What if I mess up???.
I know my life will be altered to what I want it to be like. I wish i could see myself in 12 years time. I hope I would be alright but if I'm honest I know no one could predict that and how I will be.


Caiykin xx

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