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July Favourites.

Hey guys so I still really wanna put up a perfect summer makeup look but I don't want to show my face so I'm still trying to workout a method of doing it, if anyone has any ideas then please message me. Anyways welcome to my July favourites lets get started.

  • Paul Mitchell shampoo 2.
This shampoo is currently my holy grail. I've used there hair care products since I was born and I usually use shampoo 1 but at the minute I find that sometimes my hair is still oily even after I've used it so I find that using this shampoo once or twice a week really help. BUT don't use this all the time TRUST me it can be extremely drying to the hair as it takes out all the oils in the hair. but what I love about Paul Mitchell is even though it is a bit pricer than most drugstore hair care products it gives my hair really nice shine and volume.
         300ml: £10.50
  • Paul Mitchell Thicken Up
IM SORRY I have never mentioned haircare products and now I'm mentioning two as it has been hot this last month I have been using this as it protects the hair from sun damage but also as it creates nice body and definition to the hair.
        200ml: £16.95

  • MUA translucent pressed powder.
This powder is really as cheap as it can get at a pound but it works really well with my go to foundation which is the benefit hello flawless foundation and yeah I really like it.
Price: £1

  • Benefit ready set brow.
I feel like a favourites isn't complete without a benefit product. This product is really good it defiantly holds my brows in place however you have to be careful with how much product you're putting on as it can be was too much then the ends of your brows turn white. Great. But when I pair it with goof proof your brows look really nice.
Price: £18.50

  • Pokémon Go
I like Pokémon go and I'm not afraid to admit it I did a blog last week talking about Pokémon go and trends so check it out after this post. Anyways I like how in this you can just get it out on the go and how little 4g it uses. The one problem is the battery issue.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post be sure to check out my other posts and my twitter @Caiykin1331.


Caiykin x

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