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Olympics In Rio

As day 3 continues I now have the same feeling I did 4 years ago sitting watching a whole spectrum of events (hockey, water polo, and my favourite athletics) there's something amazing about watching the olympics it allows you to forget for just a minute all the problems going on in our world and it allows us to just concentrate on amazing individuals.
As each country raced you feel the emotions they are feeling at that point.

Fast forward two days, and I've realised something,
the reason why I blog. I blog to explain my feelings which I can't explain to anyone else. it allows me to feel what I feel when I blog, relief, relief that all of my feelings are gone, taken care of.

But now as I finish this I feel imense Pride of Team GB being in 2nd place in this medal table. Now I know we haven't finished the games yet but I know on one prediction before the games began we were predicted 7th. 

So congrats team GB! We are breaking expectations.

That's something I always want to do to everyone. Break expectations.

I'm sorry to all those people who really don't like these sorta blogs and I really didn't realise this blog was just gonna be a blog where I put my heart out there but at the minute I'm just struggling if I'm honest. My minds fallen back to school and tutors and revision. But I guess I had a had a week of where my brain felt like what it did when I was 11. I do apologise again for this blog but I feel a bit better.


Caiykin x

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