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September Favorites Top 5

I just wanna get into this on so Hi and lets go

  1. I'm pretty sure I've included this one before but I absolutely adore the They're Real mascara from Benefit this is defiantly worth its £20 price tag as honestly the amount it does to my tiny little eye lashes it like OMG at the end of applying it.
  2. Next up is the Simple Moisturising face wash I love this product and use it with my other simple skin care products at least once a week (what now that I'm back to school washing my face is such a chore) but anyway this is such a great face wash at such a reasonable price.
  3. Now this one is a app and I am loving it its called TouchSurgery and this actually came up on Instagram and I was like you know what I'm gonna get this so I did and now I can REMOVE SOMEONES APPENDIX I know right so if you need your appendix removed call me ;-)
  4. now this is the book that is in my book week next week, stay tuned but I thought I'd tell you what its called, it called Eagle in the snow and its from Michael Morpurgo and if you haven't read one of his book go right now and by shadow I promise you you wont be disappointed.
  5. Finally its back into the makeup realm and it is the lipstick Asia by Rimmel You don't know what colour you want CHOOSE IT you want a nudy sorta colour CHOOSE IT you want a colour instead of gloss on your lips well you get the idea CHOOSE IT.
Well I hope you enjoyed this blog and remember CHOOSE IT.


Caiykin x

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